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the reason why cargotecture is skyrocketing

The Rise and Rise of Cargotecture

“Cargotecture” is a word you are going to hear more often over the coming years. It’s a buzz word that’s been created around a rising industry that involves recycling and using shipping containers for construction purposes. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what Cargotecture is exactly, and why it’s proving to beContinue reading “The Rise and Rise of Cargotecture”

shipping containers make the best sustainable homes and here is why

Why Shipping Containers Continue To Be the Best Sustainable Homes

For many years the humble shipping container was considered nothing more useful than being a metal box to either transport goods in a safe and secure manner, or a robust place to store things. Times have changed a lot over the past few decades and so have peoples’ views on the varied uses and applicationsContinue reading “Why Shipping Containers Continue To Be the Best Sustainable Homes”

What To Consider When Fitting Out Your Shipping Container With Electricity

Shipping Container Electrical Fitouts

If a shipping container is being used for a purpose other than transportation, you may find the need to fit it out with lights, electrical outlets, and possibly even air conditioning. This will be required to make the container functional for the intended purpose. Maybe you’re transforming a shipping container into a home office, orContinue reading “Shipping Container Electrical Fitouts”


Top Tips To Furnish A Shipping Container Granny Flat, Man Cave or She Shed

Shipping containers have become one of the go to building materials used in modern day construction, due to their cost, robust build, and the fact that even before modifications are made, most of the structure is already in place. Common uses of containers is for a quick and easy build of granny flats, she shedsContinue reading “Top Tips To Furnish A Shipping Container Granny Flat, Man Cave or She Shed”


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