What Accessories Can I Have with a Shipping Container?

What accessories can I have with a shipping container?

If you are considering hiring or purchasing a shipping container you might wonder what accessories you can have with a shipping container.  What kinds of accessories are available on the market? There are new items almost weekly as shipping containers gain popularity with people who want to put them into use for a wide range of purposes.

Some of the most common accessories for shipping containers include:

  • Windows
  • Divider walls
  • Swivel Casters
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Locks
  • Vents
  • Racks
  • Lock Boxes
  • Doors


These can be installed into any shipping container in any location that you wish. Maybe you want traditional windows on the sides of the container or maybe you want to have some skylights in the top of your container that can be opened like a window. Windows are going to allow light to get into the container, so they are a very important consideration.

Divider Walls

These walls can be installed temporarily or permanently. If you are only hiring a container and do not want to return it with added damage, the temporary installation of these walls is likely a good option for you. Divider walls can be installed or removed in about 20 minutes and are able to be placed at any location in your container. Divider walls are completed with a powder coat exterior.

Swivel Casters

Swivel casters can support as much as 6600 pounds. They are complete with a dovetail twist lock and brake which allow you to move your shipping container around in an easy and safe manner. Casters are available in many different supporting weights so you just need to know more about the amount of weight that you need to support and then you can order the casters that will suit your container best.

Shelf Brackets

These special brackets can hold a heavy load which is distributed over the arms of the brackets that hold the shelf in place. If a shelf bracket can hold 500 pounds on each side, then the total weight that the shelf brackets can hold is 1000 pounds. If you add two more bracket arms, then your shelf can hold 2000 pounds. Shelf brackets are lightweight while still being strong.


Locks are available in many sizes and have a solid brass body. Each lock is keyed differently than the next, but you can order locks that have the same key as well. The design is heavy-duty which is meant for commercial or industrial settings with the lock being designed to resist corrosion.


You will want to install vents in your container to ensure that you have proper ventilation inside and to preserve anything that is stored inside of the container. Vents should have bug screens built-in and be resistant to damage from impact. Screens prevent both rodents and insects from getting into the shipping container. Vents can be installed quickly with about a thirty-minute installation time. They can be welded in so they are permanent or bolted in so that they can be easily removed. Vents prevent the build up of dangerous fumes inside a container and are extremely durable and totally secure. You can install vents at both ends of your container or on your container doors. You should install between 2 and 6 vents on a single container, but the main consideration is how long your container is. If your container is going to be exposed to a lot of salt, then you might want to install screens that have zinc-plating.

Roll Shutter Door

Easy access to a shipping container can be achieved with a roll shutter door. These doors are easy to install so that you can open and close your container quickly when you use it every day. These doors can be bolted to your container or welded on. The door comes complete with a roller track and the doors are constructed from aluminum, about 72 inches wide and 103 inches high, with a thickness of 1/6 of an inch.

Pipe Rack

Pipe racks have four main support arms mounted at 30-degree angles which increase the volume capabilities of the rack. Each arm of the rack is reinforced to increase its strength. These racks are designed so that they stop items from rolling off them. These racks are perfect for horizontal storage inside or outside of a container.

Lock Box

A standard lock box hides your lock and offers protection to your padlock, so it is not accessible with bolt cutters. This protects the contents of your container from theft. The lock box is secure and tamper proof and can be bolted or welded to your shipping container.

Master Puck Lock

The master puck lock is perfect for a lock box because it is manufactured from reinforced die cast metal with the cylinder designed to be re-keyed to be alike or different from other locks. The locks are resistant to cutting and cannot be picked with break in tools.

Sobo Lock

This is a lock that provides high security because it is constructed with hardened steel and has chrome-plated construction. The lock is large and strong, offering the most security possible.

Twist Lock

Twist locks are designed to fit inside of corner castings of containers. The pins are inserted into the corner and twisted to lock the stacked shipping containers together. These locks have double ends which fit two containers. A flat handle provides increase strength.

If you are an owner or a renter of a shipping container, you can access a wide range of accessories ready made or custom made, depending on your needs. This article has discussed a few of the many accessories, but this is not an exhaustive list. Shipping containers are easy to outfit so that they suit your varied needs. If you need dividers, vents, windows, locks, screens or casters, you can have them for your container.

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