What Can Be Made from a Shipping Container?

What can be made from a shipping container?

We all know what shipping containers are used for – to transport all manner of goods around the world over our oceans and transport over land on transport truck and train once the container ships arrive in a port. Once the container has been emptied, it was not thought to have much use, but in the last twenty years or so, containers have seen a surge in popularity with containers being used for a wide range of uses. Since these containers are designed to stand up to the tumultuous oceans, they are durable and can be repurposed for many uses. You may wonder what can be made from a shipping container. Here are a few of the uses that a shipping container can be converted to:

Tiny Homes

With the cost of home ownership climbing exponentially by the day, people are looking for something more affordable. If you have a piece of land, you can transform a shipping container into a useful space as simple or as luxurious as you would like. It is simple to add on to these homes as you wish over time because extra components are easy and affordable to obtain.

Livestock Barn

When someone has livestock and needs a place where the animals can be sheltered, a shipping container converted into a livestock barn is the ideal safe building. Modification is simple and the containers can be attached to create a larger space, depending on the number of animals that require shelter. When set up correctly, these structures can be solid shelter for animals from all types of bad weather including wind, hail, and gale force winds.

Playhouse for Children

The process of modifying a shipping container into a playhouse is simple. All that is really required is some doors, windows, and a bright coat or two of paint. You can then fill the container with accessories and seating, video game consoles and any other thing that your kids need to remain fully entertained alone or with friends.

Swimming Pool

Most people cannot afford an inground swimming pool because it is expensive to install with the astronomical cost of concrete and tile. A shipping container can be lined with a rubber or heavy plastic material or a spray on waterproof liner. With a few simple modifications the container can be transformed into a useable swimming pool.

Dormitories for Students

There is a very real housing crisis in many countries. Being able to house students on campus affordably becomes a real challenge for many educational institutions. A lot of campuses have addressed this housing shortage with modified shipping containers designed to create comfortable accommodation for students who only need a temporary place to stay for a short amount of time. It is simple to add in doors, windows, and furniture to make shipping containers liveable for students. Many schools choose to stack the containers to maximize the available space and if they decide that they wish to keep the dormitory containers on a more permanent basis, they can pour a concrete foundation and affix the container to it.

Emergency Shelters and Accommodation

During times of crisis and emergency, shipping containers can be transformed into emergency shelters and accommodation. Many cities are using these to house their homeless population during cold months when they cannot shelter in place in tents. When disaster strikes, these temporary accommodations can be brought in quickly via train or transport truck and dropped off in a specific location so that people who have been displaced from their homes have a place to stay while everything gets sorted.


A shipping container can be modified to create a small food kiosk. The most viable option is the 40-foot container because it offers space needed for kitchen/food prep as well as some space for customers to be seated to enjoy their food. These larger containers are also a good option for pop up shops that can be placed in any location at busy times of the year.

Additional Classrooms

When the population grows faster than the infrastructure, it is important that schools keep up with that population growth. The problem is that schools are expensive to build, and most communities cannot afford to continue to build schools as they are needed. The shipping container offers a good option in that it can be quickly converted into a working classroom and placed on the same property as the existing school. A blackboard can be installed in one side of the container while desks can be moved into the container, transforming it into a classroom.

Car Park

When you need a place to park your car but do not have a garage, a shipping container can be placed into your driveway or on your property and you can park your car inside. You will not have to do much in the way of modification, and you can lock the container to keep your car safe.

Portable Stage

Since shipping containers are portable, they are simple to install, move and use for a wide range of purposes.  They are perfect for performance and entertainment platforms which might be needed at events and then can be moved after the event is over.

Mobile Clinics

A shipping container clinic is set up on the inside to contain all the equipment that is required to care for a patient who requires everything from vaccinations to small emergency surgeries. These containers can be moved from one location to another location where they are urgently needed to meet any type of demand.

Growing Containers

Many people are starting their own business with shipping container greenhouses. These containers are outfitted with lighting and hydroponics so that the entire wall of the container is a wall of growing plants. These shipping container grow centers can grow vegetables and salad ingredients even during times of the year when they are out of season.

Site Office / Home Office / Air BNB

Office space is expensive, but a shipping container can be converted into a site officer or a home office very easily. For the home office option, many people will remove the side of the container and install plexiglass or glass sliding doors so that the maximum amount of light will come into the space. From there, all that is needed is furniture and some lighting and wiring for a computer and a phone.

If you have some backyard space, an Air BNB is a great way to help with your mortgage. You can take a simple shipping container and convert it into a cozy accommodation that you can rent out for the short term to tourists and travelers to your local area.

What can be made from a shipping container? The list of conversions of shipping containers into useful buildings is endless. Shipping containers are durable because they are constructed to withstand all types of weather and elements. You just need to have a good imagination, some great ideas and people who are willing to assist you with the alteration of your containers into something useful.

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