Which Do I Need? New or Used Shipping Containers?

Which do I need? A new or used shipping container?

You may not really know what the major differences are between new and used shipping containers. What are the main reasons to use new shipping containers as opposed to used shipping containers? Making the best decision for your needs is important because you want to get something that suits you and the purpose that you need it for.

Maybe you have not yet decided whether you will hire or purchase a shipping container. This is important also since you may need know whether you want to own or hire the container before you consider new or used shipping containers.

Do You Need a New Shipping Container?

If you purchase a new shipping container it is going to be quite expensive when compared to a used shipping container, but some of the key points around new shipping containers are:

  • Safe for modification. New containers are safe to be used in a wide range of additions for your home or small business. You can use new containers for small pop-up stores, a small café, a restaurant or an affordable home.
  • Sea Worthy. New containers are designed to meet strict and high standards of quality. When they are deemed sea worthy you know that they capable of being transported across an ocean on a container ship and this means that the container must meet certain shipping guidelines.
  • Free from Contamination. New shipping containers have not been used for anything yet – not storage and not shipping so they have not contained anything. You do not have to worry about what was in the container previously or if there is a risk of cross contamination.
  • Pristine Condition. A new shipping container has not yet been used for any purpose and that means that the inside and the inside are new with no scratches, dents or any other type of mark. There will be no company branding on the container because it has not been applied by any shipping company yet.
  • Warranty.  A new shipping container will have a manufacturer’s warranty on it that will be longer than one you would receive with a used container. You can relax knowing that your purchase of a new shipping container is covered with a reasonable warranty that will protect you and your purchase for some time to come.
  • Easy to move. New shipping containers are fitted with forklift pockets which makes it easier to move them around, load onto transport trucks, stack or lift. Storage yards can be difficult to navigate and move containers in but new containers that have pockets that make them much easier to move.
  • Containers are Air Tight. New containers are fitted with seals and this makes them air tight and water resistant. New seals prevent dust, debris, moisture and rodents from getting into a container. This is appealing to people who want to store expensive items that they want to protect from damage.

There are also many great reasons to purchase a used shipping container. If you do not necessarily need a new container for the reasons listed above, you may wish to purchase a used shipping container for many reasons including:

  • Much lower cost. New shipping containers are much more expensive because they have no damage and are not used yet. Used Shipping containers are not cost-prohibitive.
  • Ideal for Construction Sites. All construction sites need an office and a first aid station. Used shipping containers make safe and ideal offices for temporary sites and can be easily moved onto and off these sites at the start and end of a project.
  • Ideal for Rentals. New containers are never hired out to people who want a temporary solution. The main reason for this is that they can become damaged very quickly and lose their value. A used shipping container is a better option because it has already lost value after being used to ship cargo.
  • Different grades available. You can choose a used shipping container based on its grade and save a lot of money. Often the lower grade containers just have some cosmetic damage such as dents and rust. If you just need a container for storage or an outbuilding, the lower grade containers can be a good and affordable option.
  • Suitable for Temporary Facilities. If your local area is having an exhibition, event or concert, a used shipping container is easy to convert into a washroom facility that can be moved from place to place to be used at different events.

Whether you decide to use a new shipping container, or a used one can be a very personal choice. You need to decide if you have items that are extremely valuable and need to be protected. If you do not have those types of items or need the container for that sort of use, a used container is just as good.

If you are still confused, a good starting point is to hire a used shipping container. You can see how it goes, it if meets the needs that you have and if not, you can cancel your lease and opt to purchase a new shipping container. Many people enjoy the fact that used shipping containers are much more affordable and they do not have to come up with a large amount of money right away for the container.

Carefully consider whether you need a new shipping container or a used shipping container and if it suits the purpose that you require it for. Whichever container you choose, you will know soon enough if it suits the purpose you require it for. Shipping containers are so versatile and in high demand so if you find that you do not need it at some later point in time, it is easy to sell the container either back to the supplier or to a new owner without much hassle.

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