Top Tips To Furnish A Shipping Container Granny Flat, Man Cave or She Shed


Shipping containers have become one of the go to building materials used in modern day construction, due to their cost, robust build, and the fact that even before modifications are made, most of the structure is already in place.

Common uses of containers is for a quick and easy build of granny flats, she sheds and man caves. However, once the granny flat, shed or cave has been modified for its intended purpose, it then needs to be decked out with furniture.

This article will be offering up some useful tips on how to furnish your she shed, granny flat or man cave, so let’s get started.

Design Your Interior Layout First

Before you even consider going out and buying furniture, you’ll want to measure up your available internal space and design an interior layout of what furniture will go where. Once you’ve accomplished this stage, you’ll have a far better idea of the dimensions for each furniture piece and will have no doubt that it will fit comfortably.

Chances are, you won’t have loads of space, so you’ll want to make the most of the available space you do have. Drawing up a plan, even a rudimentary one, will help with this. You’ll be able to map out where a piece of furniture will be located, along with a range of potential size dimensions for that space. Once you’ve determined this information, you’ll be able to go out shopping, armed with a tape measure, searching for appropriate pieces that will fit.

Work Out Your Colour Scheme

The interior of your granny flat, man cave or she shed is not going to look very appealing if it contains a motley mix of colours that don’t compliment each other.

Most likely, you would have already painted the walls and ceiling of the interior in light colours. This doesn’t mean your furniture has to be light in colour as well. You could have white walls and black furniture and it’ll still look great. Just keep in mind that with smaller spaces, the more dark colours there are, the smaller the space can feel.

If you do decide to go with light-coloured furnishings and white or light-coloured walls, add in some accent colours. This can be achieved by placing cushions in bold colours on the couch, or dressing up any windows with contrasting colours. This will help break up the monotony of all the light shades of colour.

Go Vertical When It Comes To Shelving and Storage

To help utilise the available space without making your shipping container cave feel cramped, go vertical when it comes to storage cabinets and shelving. Rather than having big and bulky storage furnishings consuming valuable floor space, select narrow cabinets that rise vertically and still offer loads of storage space.

The same goes for any shelving you decide to install. Keep it narrow in depth and go higher rather than wider.

Choose Modular Furniture

Modular furniture can be very handy, as you can mix and match the pieces and play around with them until you come up with the best layout. Because the pieces are loose, you can even leave a section or two out if necessary.

Modular designs are most common in lounges, and it’s this piece of furniture that is likely to consume the most space inside your container pad. Fortunately, there are stacks of designs and brands to choose from, for both indoor and outdoor modular furniture, so you won’t have much trouble finding a colour, style and size that suits your needs.

What About Beds?

While a she shed or man cave won’t necessarily require a bed, a granny flat will. If the granny flat has been constructed from a single shipping container, there won’t be a lot of width to work with, so at the most, go for a double bed and not a queen bed.

Alternatively, you could opt for a single bed, or bunk beds provide sleeping space for more than one person without taking up any extra floor space.

Bedding is something you want to put some serious thought into before decking out your shipping container granny flat.

Another option is to buy a sofa bed, which doubles as a couch during the day and can be used as a bed at night.


Shipping containers are a great choice for granny flats, she sheds and man caves. Adding furniture will take some planning, but the process can be a lot of fun as well.

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