Shipping Container Electrical Fitouts

What To Consider When Fitting Out Your Shipping Container With Electricity

If a shipping container is being used for a purpose other than transportation, you may find the need to fit it out with lights, electrical outlets, and possibly even air conditioning. This will be required to make the container functional for the intended purpose.

Maybe you’re transforming a shipping container into a home office, or want to deck it out as a granny flat or man cave. Whatever the purpose, chances are you’ll need it to be connected up to the power grid.

Work Out What Your Container Needs

This involves things like planning the interior layout, where furniture items will be placed, for example, what items inside the container will run on electricity and where those items will be positioned.

Until you have an internal plan, you won’t know where things like outlets and lights need to be installed.

It will also give you a better idea whether the container needs to be connected up to the mains power supply, or whether everything can be run via a generator.

You might even want to factor in things like internet access when planning an electrical fitout for a shipping container. Audio visual equipment is another consideration to take into account. Another is the installation of telephone lines, if you plan on having a landline phone.

Also, will you need access to power on the external walls of the container? And what about external lighting requirements?

Yet another thing to take into account is whether you need your container to be a mobile unit that can be moved from place to place. This may have an impact on how your electrician designs the overall power supply.

Plan first before undertaking the electrical fitout.

Get Your Container Prepared

Now that you have a firm plan in mind, you can start preparing for the electrical fitout. You’ll do much of this in conjunction with your hired electrician.

Things like selecting, purchasing and installing light fixtures, both internally and externally (if required). Once you have purchased other electrical appliances that will be featured in the container environment and have worked out where they will be positioned, your electrician can install the necessary power outlets to provide power at the most convenient locations inside the container.

If you require air conditioning or heating within the container, your electrician can now install the unit in the most desired and effective spot.

An Electrical Fitout Transforms Your Container Space

No matter what you plan to use your shipping container for, once you’ve installed electricity, it’ll be transformed from a dark metallic box into a highly usable environment. Now you’ll be able to power up your appliances, have light to see by, be able to access the internet and work or play in a modern and high-tech environment.

When containers are used for purposes other than storage, chances are high that you’ll need to be connected up to electricity for complete functionality.

It’s best to talk things over with your electrician, and possibly a shipping container supplier, with regards to fitting out a container with access to electricity.

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