Hiring Shipping Containers

Hiring a shipping container is very common, but if you’ve never done it before, no doubt you’re looking for a few tips on what to do and what to be aware of when hiring cargo containers. After all, you want to make the right decision on the type of container you’ll need, as well as get the best deal on shipping container hire.

You’ll discover more about shipping containers and what things to keep in mind when you read this guide on shipping container hire.

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What Purpose Will the Shipping Container Serve?

If you’re planning on hiring a shipping container, chances are you’ll either be needing it for transporting goods across Australia or overseas, or you require a shipping container for temporary storage. If you need a container long-term, you might want to reconsider hiring one and look into purchasing your very own shipping container.

Shipping containers can be very useful when moving house. They can be delivered to your place, where you can stow furniture and possessions inside over a period of days or a week, then have the container transported to your new location to be unpacked.

That’s just one possible temporary use.

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How Long Will You Need the Shipping Container For?

No matter what you need a container for, just be certain that it is only very temporary, or you may end up spending more money on hire than you would on purchasing a cargo container.

For example, some people hire a container for temporary storage, maybe for 2 or 3 months. If you’re planning on storing goods for a year or more, buying a shipping container – new or used – might make more financial and practical sense.

Before making any commitments to hiring a shipping container, it’s important to have a firm idea on how the container will be used and for how long.

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Which Size Shipping Container Is Right For You?

Another important aspect of shipping containers you need to consider is the size. Although modified containers and custom-built containers can come in a variety of dimensions, there are three standard sizes in the cargo container industry. They are:

  1. 10ft
  2. 20ft
  3. 40ft

The 10ft container is quite small and not usually big enough to suit most people’s transport or storage requirements. At the other end of the scale, 40ft containers are mammoth in size and sometimes far too big.

This leaves the 20ft container, the most commonly-used size shipping container for transporting goods or for being used as temporary storage. In fact, no matter what the purpose, the 20 footer seems to be the size of choice for many people.

When it comes to transporting a container on a ship, you’ll need to take into consideration what you’ll be transporting and the overall weight, including the container’s weight. 40ft containers are ideal for big payloads that are not particularly heavy. The 20ft container is the best choice when transporting weighty items.

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There Are Different Types Of Shipping Container

For the majority of transport and storage purposes, a standard shipping container will suffice. If your cargo requires something extra special, such as refrigeration, then you’ll want to hire a reefer container.

Some other types of shipping container to consider are the high cube container with an extra foot of height for tall items, dangerous and hazardous goods shipping containers, top loading and side loading containers, and the flat rack container which can be easily dismantled for storage.

Most of the time, people will hire a standard shipping container or, in the case of storing or transporting food items, a reefer container.

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Does the Container You Hire Need To Be New?

Most of the time, hiring a used shipping container is good enough. So long as the container is in great shape and is clean inside, a used shipping container will do.

There may be occasions when you’ll want to hire a brand new shipping container. One instance might be where the goods you are transporting or storing inside the container are somewhat sensitive and you don’t want the risk of any cross-contamination occurring. With used shipping containers, you don’t know what’s previously been inside them. If you’re transporting food, you won’t want to stack it inside a container that’s previously carried something like pesticides.

If you do decide to hire a new shipping container, discuss it with your container supplier and also be sure to ask whether a new container costs more to hire than a used one.

If you’re hiring a used shipping container and plan to transport goods overseas, you’ll want to hire what’s known as an A Grade container. This type of used shipping container is in great shape and will have door seals that make the container air and water tight.

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Do Your Homework On Shipping Container Suppliers

Australia is home to a number of small and large shipping container suppliers. One thing you’ll need to determine first is whether a particular supplier hires out shipping containers, or only has containers that are for sale.

You’ll also want to deal with a container company that has been in business for some time. The reason being is that you can be confident you’re dealing with a professional operation, so there will be far less chance of anything going wrong.

One way to find a good shipping container supplier is to seek personal recommendations. Failing this, the next best thing is to go online and start doing some research. Once you have a few companies in mind, see if you can find any positive reviews about the company online.

Now that you’ve settled on a few shipping container suppliers, give them a call and ask them any questions you might have. Some things to ask might include:

  • How much does it cost to hire the container?
  • What are the transport costs?
  • Do they have both new and used shipping containers to choose from?
  • And so on…

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In Conclusion

Hiring a good shipping container for the right price is not difficult. Just do your research and fully understand exactly what you want to use the shipping container for and for how long.

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